SPARRENBURG EG, 40 m2, 1-2 Pers.

LEINEWEBER EG, 35 m2, 1 Pers.

JOHANNISBERG EG, 50 m2, 1-2 Pers.

BOLLMANN 1.OG, 72 m2, 2-3 Pers.

DALKE DG, 35 m2, 1-2 Pers.

The prices are listed on our german version of the homepage



PUMPERNICKEL EG, 42 m2, 1-2 Pers., 49 €/day

HEINE 1.OG, 55 m2, 2-3 Pers., 995 €/month

65 €/day
RASPI 2.OG, 55 m2, 2-3 Pers., 995 €/month 

65 €/day
PÖMPEL DG, 77 m2, 3 Pers. "people sharing an apartment", 1.440 €/month

99 €/day




Welcome to Short-stay Living/apartments in Bielefeld!

There are many reasons for visiting the beautiful city of Bielefeld. The largest city in east Westphalia, Bielefeld is the business centre of the region and offers many attractions, both in the city and on the outskirts. Find out more here: Bielefeld and its Outskirts (link)

If you are planning on coming to Bielefeld, either privately or for business purposes, and you prefer the privacy of an apartment to a hotel, we are happy to accommodate you. Our apartments are an affordable alternative for singles and couples who are planning on spending a night or more in the city.  Staying in one of our apartments will offer you more flexibility and give you the opportunity to experience a different view of the city and all its attractions.

You can check on the availability of the apartment of your choice and contact us directly with your reservation request.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Birgit Hövener & Ludger Rothues